About Us

Early County Gin, Inc. was the vision of a small group of farmers in the early 1990's.  With the hard work and dedication of producers, employees, and the local community, We have grown to a two-gin operation, warehouse with storage capacity of 62,000, and a seed house, all in one convenient location.  Early County Gin has ginned an average of 49,500 bales over the last four years. Both gins have the capability of ginning standard modules and mini-modules and the new round modules can be ginned in Gin 2, with a combined speed of 80 bales per hour.  Gin 1 has the capability of ginning trailers, as well.

Marketing services are available for those producers who have not sold their cotton prior to the gin season.

Feel free to contact us for further information:  Reach us through our phone number 229-723-6600, or at e-mail addresses below:

General Manager - Jackson Hammack @ jackson_ecg@windstream.net

Accounting/Shipping/Ginning - Alice Adams @ alice_ecg@windstream.net

Marketing - Vicky Chapman @ vicky_ecg@windstream.net

General Questions/Information ecgin@windstream.net